How to clean crystal chandelier?


A difficult question arises - how to wash a crystal chandelier?

It is important to remember the basic rules for washing any lamps, because if it is located in the kitchen, there is a coating of soot on it, and if in the bath, then there is a soap coating on it from the evaporation of water. Different contaminants require different cleaning approaches.

It is necessary to regularly clean the lighting fixtures from fresh dirt by sweeping with a duster. With a dry cloth, it is necessary to remove the formed cobwebs, wipe the lamps, clean the plinths.  But, a crystal chandelier requires periodic "general cleaning", which implies thorough cleaning of each element.

How to wash a crystal chandelier without removing it? We maintain cleanliness!

If it is impossible to remove the main frame, clean it first with a damp cloth soaked in a solution of ammonia or glass cleaner. After that, wipe the products dry well, as the remaining moisture or drops can lead to a short circuit.

Today, household chemicals have appeared on the market that help maintain the cleanliness of lighting fixtures – these are antistatic sprays. If your crystal chandelier has acquired a fresh look after treatment with a broom, and there is no need to thoroughly wash it, then treat the pendants with an antistatic spray. The composition of this product allows you to prolong the purity of the crystal, and the dust will not settle on the elements for a long time. With such regular cleaning and antistatic treatment, it is possible to maintain cleanliness for a long time.

When "dry" cleaning without removing the lamp, use special microfiber cloths that do not leave streaks and micro-scratches on the surface, or a gauze cut that will replace microfiber.

How to properly clean a crystal chandelier at home?

We have considered the main options for how to clean the lighting device, if it can be removed. Of course, this option will ideally remove all impurities, but it is important to remember that it is important not to harm the crystal when washing. There are several basic rules that should be followed, regardless of whether you clean a crystal lighting device without removing or soaking.

How to clean a crystal chandelier from dirt without damaging it:

1. the water temperature should not exceed 27 °, the crystal fades at high temperatures and it will be quite difficult to return to its former transparency and shine;
2. use a wash basin made of plastic, because you can scratch or break elements on metal;
3. to enhance the shine, at the end of any cleaning, dip the pendants in a vinegar solution (5 liters of water + 100 ml of vinegar 9%), if you use "dry" cleaning without removing the chandelier, then wipe all the elements with a cloth soaked in this solution, and then rub with a dry microfiber cloth.
As you can see, "dry" cleaning or general cleaning is not so difficult, but a clean crystal chandelier will delight you with shine and iridescence, without fading over the years.

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